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The 1K2 system is adjustable in height and also adjustable in damping.


Intrax deliberately chooses one adjustment knob to set the damping. With this knob it is possible to adjust the damping. If the knob is turned, then simultaneously the rebound and compression damping are adjusted in the correct ratio. This unique system makes it possible to adjust the setup in detail to your riding style, road conditions and weather conditions.  Finally we have also equipped the damping with a thermostat which ensures constant damping regardless of the outside and/or operating temperature.


Black Titan

Black Titan is a development done for the military air force. They were looking for something that would make the engines more resistant to the various tortures they are subjected to (freezing cold, extreme heat, snow, sandstorm etc).  This became Black Titan, extremely hard, very low friction coefficient and resistant to corrosion. After applying Black Titan to their aircraft engines, maintenance intervals were sometimes extended by up to 100%.

Intrax thought, what is good for their engines is also good enough for our shock absorbers. The coating is placed on the guide and piston rod, these are then no longer susceptible to a corrosion and the friction with the other parts is also reduced which in turn benefits the performance of the damper.


ARC for street use:

Due to its unique characteristics, the ARC® system lends itself perfectly to street use. There is always a compromise to be found between having fun on the street/circuit and those times when your car is an object to be used to get from A to B as comfortably as possible.

ARC® makes it possible to drive more comfortably from A to B without adjustments in between, while at the same time being a car equipped with a sport suspension during the fun moments on the road or on the circuit. Because ARC reacts speed-dependently (speed in the shock absorber) Intrax has made it possible with this system to control the body roll (of the car) without having to mount the "hard" springs you normally need. A car with a softer spring drives more comfortably and has more traction and grip.


EMC (Electronic Magnetic Control)

Intrax has developed a unique system that allows adjustment of the shock absorbers from inside the car. Hereby the front and rear shock absorbers can be adjusted independently in hardness. The system is designed to remain stable at all speeds and the unique thing is that when there is a failure the system returns to the safe middle position (all other brands go either completely hard or completely soft).


EHC (Electronic Height Control).

This system allows the height of the front axle to be determined from inside the car. This is very useful if you have to pass many high thresholds or if the parking basement at home or nearby has a steep ramp that will cause the nose to scrape across the ground. It is also possible to mount this system on all four shock absorbers.

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