A Viper is a car with little to no aids to help you when things threaten to go wrong.


As a result, you can quickly sustain damage to your beautiful car and you don't want this damage to be repaired by the bodyshop around the corner to do it.


Viperwizard not only has a lot of experience in repairing cosmetic damage, but also straightening a chassis is no problem for us.  We have all the dimensions available and we can often get the car back within factory tolerances. 


Of course we use as much as possible original parts like screws and pop rivets to rebuild the car. 

So, if you have driven your Viper into damage or perhaps bought a Viper with damage, please contact us and we will help you.



Dodge Viper specialist



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The Netherlands




*all used parts are free of VAT

*all new parts are charged with 21% VAT 


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Viperwizard is part of Flaim BV.