About Viperwizard

Viperwizard is based in The Netherlands and founded by Kees Mets, a Viper enthousiast since 1996 when a Blue/White Viper GTS was his poster car.


Viperwizard is part of Flaim BV, an recruitment and consultancy agency also owned by Kees Mets. 


In 2009 Kees bought his first Viper, a Black on Black gts from 1999. This car was tuned by Heffner performance in the US and then shipped to the Netherlands.


Few years later he was able to buy a crashed Viper RT10 from a friend that he rebuild using yet another damaged Viper.

This resulted in him having lots of spare parts and from that point forward things went crazy.


Fast forward to today  Viperwizard now has around 70% of all Vipers in the Netherlands as client and many Viper owners from all over Europe are bringing their precious car to Middenmeer for maintenance, tuning or just to get some advice.



If you are looking for some advice, maintenance, tuning or just a good talk with coffee, feel free to contact us!


Kees Mets

Office / Workshop

Coffee corner

A place to talk Vipers

Dodge Viper specialist



Nijverheidsweg 13


The Netherlands



*all used parts are free of VAT

*all new parts are charged with 21% VAT 


KVK 60158581

Viperwizard is part of Flaim BV.