What is enclosed car transport?

Enclosed car transport is a type of auto transport that adds protection for vehicles. 


Do I really need an enclosed transport of my Viper?

there are a few questions to ask yourself if you're deciding whether you need enclosed car transport, or the standard open auto transport:

  • Do you consider your car an investment?
  • Are you concerned about snow or cold weather?
  • Are you concerned about dust, dirt, pollution, or other debris your car might be subject to over the course of transport?
  • Is your car old and/or have a custom or unique paint job?
  • Do you want extra protection against theft?

What are enclosed car transport prices?

Transportation costs are calculated based on the number of kilometers to be driven for the transportation itself.

In addition, there may be additional costs for toll roads or when there are problems at the loading address (think: car that won't start, problems with access etc.)

When the journey cannot be done in one day, there will be costs for an overnight stay for our driver.


What type of enclosed trailer is used?

We are using a 2021 Ifor Williams Transporta trailer that is fitted with extra schocks for even more stability .  

Some more features of the trailer are:

  • All type of Vipers will fit our trailer like a glove
  • extra low ramp makes is possible for us to load up your Viper without any chance of damage.
  • A high powered winch is fitted so we never have to take our eyes of your Viper when loading.
  • All doors of the trailer are locked during transport
  • The trailer is equipped with the most modern alarm and Track and Trace equipment

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