Can you imagine driving a car without air conditioning? Just like all other parts of a car, the air conditioning needs regular maintenance. When your car's air conditioning is working properly, it maintains a comfortable temperature inside the car and also regulates humidity properly. It also ensures that your car's windows do not fog up in the winter and that no unwanted odors linger in your car. 


Keep your air conditioner working properly

Every air conditioner contains a refrigerant, which ensures that it can do its job properly. But did you know that with normal use, the system loses refrigerant? So that means that over time, every air conditioner starts to cool less effectively. Moreover, the refrigerant ensures that all the rotating parts are lubricated. If too much refrigerant escapes, the result is that the A/C runs dry. You will then need an expensive repair. To prevent this, it is always wise to have your air conditioning serviced regularly.


We have the right equipment to test, drain and refill your Viper's A/C with R134a. In case of leaks, we can inject Fluorine to detect a leak.  

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