1992-2002 Belanger Headers
Nice set of Belanger headers that fit the 1992-2002 Dodge Vipers.   o2 Sensors are included.    New price now is €3200
€ 1.650,00 2
1996-2002 Full Corsa Exhaust
Full Corsa exhaust  front to back.  This does not include the headers.   New European price is around €4750-5000 for this  setup.   Soundclip is available on this page too. ... (Read More)
€ 2.250,00 2
1996-2002 Belanger Headers with Pickle
System was just fitted to a car when they crashed it. Headers are good as new, but we had to weld up some spots due to the accident. This will have no negative effect on the system.   When mounted, the welded patches are not visibl ... (Read More)
€ 1.650,00 2
1992-2002 O2 Sensor Upstream
OEM replacement 02 sensor upstream.   o2 sensors need to be replaced once every few years, so the engine gets the right air/fuel mixture.     BS13100 Bosch 15704     ... (Read More)
From € 105,00 2
1992-2002 Exhaust Heatshields
Perfect shape, price is for the set.
€ 200,00 2

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