A/C drier oem fit
New A/C drier
€ 65,00 2
Champion Bougie RC12LYC
This spark plug is widely used in a Viper Gen I & Gen II and is of similar quality as the NKG 7252 couterpart.     Be beware that this Spark plug is sometime hard to come by.     ... (Read More)
€ 6,15 2
Engine mounts
Oem replacement engine mounts L & R are the same price. Dealer quote around €250 for one engine mount, so look no further.   We have them in stock.       ... (Read More)
€ 125,00 € 95,00 2
Gen2 AC compressor new
Brand new AC compressor for a Viper gen2
€ 350,00 2
Harmonic balancer
Harmonic Balancer voor een Dodge Viper GenI & GenII   Deze krukaspoelie is voor zien van een rubber wat door de loop van jaren uitgedroogd kan raken waardoor er een lichte onbalans op je aandrijflijn kan ontstaan. Een nieuwe lost d ... (Read More)
€ 255,00 2
Mopar oil filter
  The one and only right filter for your Viper engine!   Other replacement filters can cause serious engine damage, so be wise and buy a OEM product.
€ 33,50 2
NGK Spark plug 7252
This sparkplug is well known in the Viper community as one of the 2 best plugs for a standard Viper Gen I & Gen II.     Spark Plug - NGK V-Power - 14 mm Thread - 0.749 in Reach - Gasket Seat - Stock Number 7252 - Resistor ... (Read More)
€ 6,25 2
o2 sensor upstream Viper
OEM replacement 02 sensor upstream.   o2 sensors need to be replaced once every few years, so the engine gets the right air/fuel mixture.        ... (Read More)
€ 105,00 2
Oilpressure sensor
Mopar OEM replacement sensor   The oilpressure sensor have a tendency to fail on a Viper. They are pretty difficult to come by, but most of the time we have those sensors in stock for you!     ... (Read More)
€ 110,00 2
Original oil drain plug
When changing oil you can re-use the plug, but most of the time they start to leak, replace it the with the next oil change will be a good idea.  We have them in stock.
€ 10,00 2

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