1992-2002 Original oil drain plug
When changing oil you can re-use the plug, but most of the time they start to leak, replace it the with the next oil change will be a good idea.  We have them in stock.
€ 10,00 2
1992-2010 Mopar oil filter
  The one and only right filter for your Viper engine!   Other replacement filters can cause serious engine damage, so be wise and buy a OEM product.
€ 33,50 2
2003-2006 Champion Spark plug RC12ECC
Spark plug from Champion suited for a Gen3 Viper
€ 5,95 2
2003-2006 Champion spark plug RC12PEPB5 Double pla
Double platinum spark plug suited for you Gen3 Viper. Lasts 3x longer than copper plugs.
€ 7,95 2
2003-2006 Dodge Viper spark plug wires
This is for a set of high performance wires suited for your gen 3 Viper.   (product is not exactly the same as in the picture)
€ 199,00 2
2003-2006 Oil pan gasket
New oil pan gasket for a gen3 viper.
€ 95,00 2
2003-2006 Upstream O2 sensor
Changing your Oxygen (Lambda) O2 sensors will make your car run like it should.  We recommend changing them every few years or after 30K kilometers.
€ 105,00 2
2003-2010 Oil lines Viper
These lines replace the OEM lines that are prone to leak on the Viper SRT gen 3 and 4.   The lines are braided hi pressure lines, with clamped end that are hand built and exclusivly for the Viperwizard.  The lines comes with a life ... (Read More)
€ 199,00 2
Engine mounts
Oem replacement engine mounts L & R are the same price. Dealer quote around €250 for one engine mount, so look no further.   We have them in stock.       ... (Read More)
€ 125,00 € 95,00 2


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