1992-2006 Transmission mount
Transmission Mount by Energy Suspension®. Energy Suspension offers replacement mount bushings for engines, transmissions, engine subframes, differentials, transfer cases, as well as bushings and grommets for torque arms that brace engines, t ... (Read More)
€ 125,00 2
1992-2010 Clutch OEM-replacement
Complete clutch replacement kit, Pressureplate, pilot bearing and clutch disc. does not include a release bearing. (sold separately).   
€ 685,00 2
1992-2010 Clutch release bearing OEM replacement
Oem replacement release bearing complete.
€ 275,00 2
1992-2010 Engine mounts
Oem replacement engine mounts L & R are the same price. Dealer quote around €250 for one engine mount, so look no further.   We have them in stock.       ... (Read More)
€ 125,00 From € 95,00 2
1992-2010 Fidanza lightweight flywheel
The Fidanza Flywheel is one of those upgrades we carry out a lot. The engine will rev a lot better and the car feels stronger and more like the sportscar it needs to be.   We are able to quote you for installation of this product i ... (Read More)
€ 825,00 2
1992-2017 MOPAR Limited Slip Additive Oil
Mopar limited slip additive oil for the rear differential. Add one bottle with the differential oil for the limited slip clutch packs so they do not chatter and pop while driving
€ 20,00 2
1992-2017 Skip Shift Eliminator
Skip shift eliminator for Dodge Viper 1992-2017. Eliminates annoying forced 1st-4th gear shift. Plug and Play OBDII compatible - Will not trigger Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light. Made in the USA with O ... (Read More)
€ 55,00 2
2003-2006 Power Steering Pump
Includes Reservoir Features: 100% computer load testing ensures optimal performance and durability by incorporating real-world parameters during the test cycle Manufactured with premium grade, high-temperature seals for adde ... (Read More)
€ 225,00 2


2003-2006 Driveshaft
€ 250,00 2
2003-2006 Transmission Crossmember
OEM no. 5037263AA
€ 75,00 2

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