1992-2010 BC Racing coilover suspension set Gen I
This BC Racing coilover has the following specifications: * Default Springrate Front: 10K  * Default Springrate Rear: 16K 
From € 1.329,00 2
1992-2010 Rack and Pinion bushings
New bushings for your steering rack. Price is for one bushing, if you need to replace all of them, you have to order 4.
€ 30,00 2
1992-2017 Billet Sway Bar Caps & Polyurethane Bush
These brackets are CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized clear to give a long lasting protective finish. Supplied with ENERGY SUSPENSION’s performance polyurethane bushing, these bushings are impregnated with graphite to add ... (Read More)
€ 135,00 2
1992-2017 Intrax Suspension
The 1K2 system is adjustable in height and also adjustable in damping.   Intrax deliberately chooses one adjustment knob to set the damping. With this knob it is possible to adjust the damping. If the knob is turned, then simultane ... (Read More)
From € 3.505,00 2
1992-2017 Solid Power Steering Bushings
New solid billet aluminum steering rack mount bushing set for Dodge Viper 1992-2017.  A common problem with the Viper is when the steering rack bushings get worn the car will want to "follow" the road more such as when crossing ... (Read More)
€ 135,00 2
1992-2017 Upper Ball Joint Seal
  Mopar Part # 52006405
€ 45,00 2
1996-2010 Rear Stabilizer Bar Link
New stabilizer bar link for the rear side. 
€ 65,00 2
1996-2017 Front Stabilizer Bar Link
New stabilizer bar link for the front side.
€ 75,00 2
1997-2017 Ball Joint Rear Lower
MOPAR 5290860AA
€ 80,00 2
2003-2006 Rear Shock Absorber
New shock absorber for a Gen3 Viper SRT 8.3L V10   Price is for 1 absorber.
€ 1.500,00 2


2003-2010 shock absorbers 37.000km
Good set of shock absorbers from a 2003 Dodge Viper gen3.   we can also deliver new shock absorbers for €1500 a piece.
€ 1.950,00 2
2003-2017 Front Knuckle
05290030AC, 68272306AA 05290032AC ... (Read More)
From € 600,00 2

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