1992-2002 HEVAC Heater Cover
OEM no. 4874422
€ 25,00 2
1992-2002 Water Control Valve
Part needs to be cleaned, rubber hose is pretty hardened.
€ 35,00 2
1992-2002 Original oil drain plug
When changing oil you can re-use the plug, but most of the time they start to leak, replace it the with the next oil change will be a good idea.  We have them in stock.
€ 10,00 2
Sparkplug wireset GenI Viper
 Sparkplug wireset for a Viper GenI uit het jaar 1992 t/m 1995   Direct replacement cables OEM quality.  We advice to change the cables every 20.000KM   Please contact us for installation of this product. ... (Read More)
€ 190,00 2
Engine mounts
Oem replacement engine mounts L & R are the same price. Dealer quote around €250 for one engine mount, so look no further.   We have them in stock.       ... (Read More)
€ 125,00 € 95,00 2
1992-2002 Harmonic balancer
Harmonic Balancer for a Dodge Viper GenI & GenII   This crankshaft pulley is fitted with a rubber which can become dried out over the years causing a slight imbalance on your drivetrain. A new one solves this problem.   ... (Read More)
€ 255,00 2
1992-2002 NGK Spark plug 7252
This sparkplug is well known in the Viper community as one of the 2 best plugs for a standard Viper Gen I & Gen II.     Spark Plug - NGK V-Power - 14 mm Thread - 0.749 in Reach - Gasket Seat - Stock Number 7252 - Resistor ... (Read More)
€ 6,25 2
1992-2002 Champion Bougie RC12LYC
This spark plug is widely used in a Viper Gen I & Gen II and is of similar quality as the NKG 7252 couterpart.     Be beware that this Spark plug is sometime hard to come by.     ... (Read More)
€ 6,15 2
1992-2010 Mopar oil filter
  The one and only right filter for your Viper engine!   Other replacement filters can cause serious engine damage, so be wise and buy a OEM product.
€ 33,50 2
1992-1995 Oil pressure sensor for dashboard contro
This sensor is wired into your dash cluster for warning purposes. Standard OEM replacement product
€ 80,00 2
1992-2002 o2 sensor upstream Viper
OEM replacement 02 sensor upstream.   o2 sensors need to be replaced once every few years, so the engine gets the right air/fuel mixture.        ... (Read More)
€ 105,00 2
1992-2010 A/C drier oem fit
New A/C drier
€ 65,00 2
1992-2002 Triple Pass radiator
This American made performance radiator is a direct replacement for the thinner cored factory unit on all 1994 to 2002 Vipers. Unlike the Fluidyne, it does not require the fan to be changed on 1994-1998 models, saving you hundreds of dollars ... (Read More)
€ 1.275,00 2
1992-1995 MLS Gasket Viper
Price is for one gasket!   Cometic Multilayer Steel (MLS) Gaskets are designed to provide the best possible seal for naturally-aspirated, boosted, or nitrous-fed engines. These head gaskets are made from 3 to 5 layers of spring ... (Read More)
€ 350,00 2

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