Dodge Viper GTS

This stunning Viper is a real head turner.  Painted in the most sought after color Blue with white stripes, just how it should be!


The car rolled out the factory in 1996 and has covered 69.000 miles in those 24 years and is still going strong.  The engine is fitted with the "708" camshaft which give the car its nice rumble and the engine really pulls like a freight train.  


Looking to invest money in a car that will not loose its value, the Viper is the way to go.  The paint on this car is 9/10 and the interior is also redone with a nice blend of leather and alcantara, giving the car a more premium looks and feel.  We replaced the brake discs and pads on this car and in the back we installed a bigger bore brake calliper, so this Viper will stop like you will expect from a car with 450+ horsepower.


We just finished a maintenance routine including, new oil, filter and plugs,. The tyres are brand new, although the dots are from 2016 and 2017 as we where not able to find fresher tyres in this sizes.  This car is ready to go and needs a good home.


Car is Dutch registered with valid MOT and can be seen in our workshop.


We are open for serious offers. 

€ 62.500,00

Dodge Viper SRT 2005

This beautiful Dodge Viper SRT with only 37.000KM on the counter is one of the few, if not the only original Dutch delivered Viper SRT from 2005 which I sell on behalf of a client.


The car is really in excellent condition and the rims have recently been completely repaired due to some minor kerb damage. There really hasn't been any cut back on it. In April 2018 new tires have been fitted all around, the car has been re-aligned and completely polished. At this moment the car is fitted with black vinyl stripes and the wheels are plastidipped in black.  This all is easy to remove to bring the car back to its original configuration.


Now the extremely powerful 8.3L V10 engine isn't to be despised, but because of the modified exhaust of the Corsa Exhaust brand it makes the experience of driving it much more impressive!


The exhaust system is also fitted with race catalytic converters, so MOT testing will be no problem at all.


The Viper is still beautiful in its glossy paint finish and so complete, even the rare convertible top tonneau cover is included.


It goes without saying that the car is only used when the weather is nice and is always parked in a heated garage.


A Viper enthusiast will soon know how difficult it is to find an honest and handsome copy of this model Viper, with this car you really only have to come and look once and then you don't have to look any further.


The Viper comes with at least 6 months valid MOT and by mail or phone I can provide more information about the car.


Test drivers are only welcome in case of serious interest and I will always go along during the ride.



The pictures are made for a well-known car magazine "CARROS" who have written quite a piece about this unique Viper.



€ 57.500,00

€ 55.000,00

Dodge Viper RT10 1993


This car is sold! 



€ 45.000,00

Dodge Viper GTS 1999

This car is sold!

€ 47.500,00