Our customer bought this car to enjoy for a season and then reselling it.


He only wants to sell cars that are in a good condition and therefore we where asked to sort this car out.


Sometime in the past, this car had a small accident in the front left side of the car.  The headlight was not refitted correctly and overal the car had some lack of maintenance.


Due to the mileage we decided to also check the bearings of the engine and glad we did!  They where still within its marings, but only slightly. Good time to replace them with Clevite bearings and new ARP bolts.


Those bolts where a pain to get as it turned out this car is fitted with an 2003 engine that uses different type of bolts. With the good help of Scott Murray from Roe Racing en Scot Ricord from Prefix in the US, we where able to source the right bolts.

We also changed the spark plugs and wires on this car and fitted a new set of Dynamic shocks as the current ones where in a bad shape.


Together with the owner we also decided to replace other parts like brake disc, pads, stabi links and chancing the fluids and oil filter.


We also got the car aligned and got a fresh MOT fitted.


The owner will take care of the polishing of the car and will then put it on sale.