1992-1994 Center Console Quartz Grey NOS
Very hard to find and we still have one New Old Stock (NOS) available!   Never been mounted in a car.  
€ 750,00 2
1992-1994 Relais
Relais for a Dodge Viper 1992-1994   This type of relais are no longer available through Dodge.
€ 35,00 2
1992-1995 AB Quality Wires
There are many brands of sparkplug wires out there; however “Quality Wires” (previously known as AB Wires) are widely considered the best for the Viper.
€ 350,00 2
1992-1995 Coolant Temperature Sender/Sensor
Fitted on the rear of the Gen1 engine. 
€ 35,00 2
1992-1995 Fuel Tank Filler Seal
OEM 05217578
€ 2.750,00 2
1992-1995 MLS Head Gasket Viper
Price is for one gasket!   Cometic Multilayer Steel (MLS) Gaskets are designed to provide the best possible seal for naturally-aspirated, boosted, or nitrous-fed engines. These head gaskets are made from 3 to 5 layers of spring ... (Read More)
€ 350,00 2
1992-1995 NOS Original Canvas Side Window set
New Old Stock (NOS)   Brand new canvas side window sets available!   6 sets in stock, really hard to find and in brand new condition, even after 27 years. Only for sale as a set. ... (Read More)
€ 750,00 2 € 950,00 / none
1992-1995 Oil pressure sensor for dashboard contro
This sensor is wired into your dash cluster for warning purposes. Standard OEM replacement product
€ 80,00 2
1992-1995 Sparkplug wire-set GenI Viper
 Sparkplug wireset for a Viper Gen 1   Direct replacement cables OEM quality.  We advice to change the cables every 20.000KM   Please contact us for installation of this product. ... (Read More)
From € 190,00 2
1992-1995 Stabilizer bar end Viper GEN I front sid
New and upgraded stabiliser bar end link with extra grease point fitted.
€ 75,00 2
1992-1995 Stanchion Cover RH Door RT10
Brand New Stanchion Cover for RT10   Rare piece!   Passenger side   OEM JP98PX8
€ 275,00 2
1992-1996 Ball Joint
Fits Upper Front and Upper Rear 
€ 80,00 2
1992-1996 MAP Sensor
New MAP sensor for Dodge Viper 8.0L, 1992-96.  This sensor mounts on the intake manifold and tells the ECU what the intake manifold pressure is so that it can control fuel and spark to the engine.  Stock replacement, three prong connector.  ... (Read More)
€ 85,00 2
1992-1997 Gasket Water Jacket Passage
New water passage gasket for Dodge Viper V10 8.0L, 1992-1997
€ 17,50 2
1992-1998 Energy Sway Bar Bushings
Stabilizer Bar Bushings by Energy Suspension®. These are sets of 2 replacement polyurethane bushings designed to exceed factory OEM levels of vibration dampening and support at the points where your front or rear factory sway bar attaches to ... (Read More)
From € 65,00 2
1992-2002 Crankshaft Timing Gear Sprocket
New crankshaft timing chain gear for Dodge Viper 1992-2002 8.0L.  Made in USA.
€ 125,00 2
1992-2002 O2 Sensor Upstream
OEM replacement 02 sensor upstream.   o2 sensors need to be replaced once every few years, so the engine gets the right air/fuel mixture.     BS13100 Bosch 15704     ... (Read More)
From € 105,00 2
1992-2002 Anode Radiator Cap 16psi
Radiator cap with Anode  The anode is designed to attract and absorb the electrical energy that causes electrolysis and the magnesium is consumed instead of the aluminum components in the cooling system, thereby reducing repair and ma ... (Read More)
€ 40,00 2
1992-2002 ARP Crankshaft Harmonic Damper Balancer
ew ARP Racing high strength balancer bolt for Dodge Viper 1992-2003.   The balancer bolt coming loose is a common problem on the V10 engine and the original bolt is a one time use item that should be replaced.  ARP has gone above and beyond ... (Read More)
€ 75,00 2
1992-2002 Ball Joint
Replacement Ball Joint
€ 80,00 2
1992-2002 Bosch Rear Brake Pads
QuietCast; Semi-Metallic   Bosch QuietCast™ Copper Free Semi-Metallic Brake Pads were developed for the daily driver looking for a reliable, long lasting pad. This premium line of brake pads raises aftermarket brake pad technol ... (Read More)
€ 85,00 2
1992-2002 Champion Bougie RC12LYC
This spark plug is widely used in a Viper Gen I & Gen II and is of similar quality as the NKG 7252 couterpart.     Be beware that this Spark plug is sometime hard to come by.     ... (Read More)
€ 6,95 2
1992-2002 Clear Front Side Markers
New pair of clear side marker lights for 1992-02 Dodge Viper.  These offer LED lighting for great visibility.  Plug directly into your existing harness and does not require any wiring changes.
€ 225,00 2
1992-2002 Clutch Hose
Hard to find part, no longer available through the dealer.    Note: you are only buying the line!
€ 195,00 2
1992-2002 Clutch Master Cylinder
SH5173 Sachs
€ 125,00 2
1992-2002 Dodge Viper Front Brakedisc
OEM replacement disc. prices per piece, 2 needed. Actual product can be different than pictured.   Please contact us for installation of this product.
€ 160,00 2
1992-2002 Facia Pin Sill
  Front Fascia Pin Sill 
€ 3,50 2
1992-2002 Front Windshield NEW with Antenna
Complete new front window for Vipers from 1992-2002 Please specify if you need for A RT/10 or GTS GTS: 4848697AD RT/10: 4709116AD
From € 1.500,00 2
1992-2002 Fuel Injector O-rings
2 bottom O-rings in one box.
€ 5,50 2
1992-2002 Harmonic balancer
Harmonic Balancer for a Dodge Viper GenI & GenII   This crankshaft pulley is fitted with a rubber which can become dried out over the years causing a slight imbalance on your drivetrain. A new one solves this problem.   ... (Read More)
€ 255,00 2
1992-2002 NGK Spark plug 7252
This sparkplug is well known in the Viper community as one of the 2 best plugs for a standard Viper Gen I & Gen II.     Spark Plug - NGK V-Power - 14 mm Thread - 0.749 in Reach - Gasket Seat - Stock Number 7252 - Resistor ... (Read More)
€ 6,95 2
1992-2002 OEM replacement Disc Brake REAR
This is an direct replacement for a Dodge Viper 1992-2002
€ 150,00 2
1992-2002 Original oil drain plug
When changing oil you can re-use the plug, but most of the time they start to leak, replace it the with the next oil change will be a good idea.  We have them in stock.
€ 10,00 2
1992-2002 Power Steering Pump
Power Steering Pump without pulley
€ 175,00 2
1992-2002 Serpetine Belt
Please specify the year of your car and if you have A/C or not    
From € 55,00 2
1992-2002 Spicer U-joint
Dana  Spicer, better than OEM Quality
€ 85,00 2
1992-2002 TPS Sensor
Throttle position sensor
€ 75,00 2
1992-2002 Trackday Spec Rear Brake Pads
Track Day Spec If you are an experienced track day enthusiast or are competing in a racing series and want the ultimate performance brake pads, then look no further than Power Stop Track Day Spec brake pads. The Power Stop research an ... (Read More)
€ 110,00 2
1992-2002 Triple Pass radiator
This American made performance radiator is a direct replacement for the thinner cored factory unit on all 1994 to 2002 Vipers. Unlike the Fluidyne, it does not require the fan to be changed on 1994-1998 models, saving you hundreds of dollars ... (Read More)
€ 1.495,00 2
1992-2002 Trunk Lock Cylinder with key
Perfect replacement lock for your trunk. Comes with 2 keys and is an direct replacement for your old lock.
€ 65,00 2
1992-2002 Valve Roller Lifter
New Hydraulic Valve Lifter  
€ 20,00 2
1992-2002 Viper Valve Cover Gasket
New OEM genuine Mopar valve cover gasket for Dodge Viper 1992-2002 8.0L.  Sold individually.  Two required per engine.
€ 165,00 2
1992-2002 Wiper
Wiper 16" fits Left and Right
From € 25,00 2
1992-2003 A/C System Service Valve / Core / Cap
Service kit for your AC system
€ 35,00 2
1992-2006 Idler Pulley
MOPAR: 53009508
€ 45,00 2
1992-2006 Transmission mount
Transmission Mount by Energy Suspension®. Energy Suspension offers replacement mount bushings for engines, transmissions, engine subframes, differentials, transfer cases, as well as bushings and grommets for torque arms that brace engines, t ... (Read More)
€ 75,00 2
1992-2010 A/C Drier / Accumulator
New A/C drier
€ 65,00 2
1992-2010 BC Racing coilover suspension set Gen I
This BC Racing coilover has the following specifications: * Default Springrate Front: 10K  * Default Springrate Rear: 16K 
From € 1.185,00 2
1992-2010 Clutch OEM-replacement
Complete clutch replacement kit, Pressureplate, pilot bearing and clutch disc. does not include a release bearing. (sold separately).   
€ 635,00 2
1992-2010 Clutch release bearing OEM replacement
Oem replacement release bearing complete.
€ 275,00 2
1992-2010 Engine mounts
Oem replacement engine mounts L & R are the same price. Dealer quote around €250 for one engine mount, so look no further.   We have them in stock.       ... (Read More)
€ 125,00 From € 95,00 2
1992-2010 Fidanza lightweight flywheel
The Fidanza Flywheel is one of those upgrades we carry out a lot. The engine will rev a lot better and the car feels stronger and more like the sportscar it needs to be.   We are able to quote you for installation of this product i ... (Read More)
€ 625,00 2
1992-2010 Mopar oil filter
  The one and only right filter for your Viper engine!   Other replacement filters can cause serious engine damage, so be wise and buy a OEM product.
From € 45,00 2
1992-2010 OEM replacement fuel Filter
Oem replacement premium filter for Viper GenI & GenII
€ 37,50 2
1992-2010 OEM replacement Fuel-pump
This is a high performance premium fuelpump for a Dodge Viper.
€ 195,00 2
1992-2010 Rack and Pinion bushings
New bushings for your steering rack. Price is for one bushing, if you need to replace all of them, you have to order 4.
€ 17,50 2
1992-2017 A/C System Service Valves
A/C System Service Valves
€ 17,50 2
1992-2017 Bronze Valve Guides
Bronze Valve Guides Intake / Exhaust   Price is for 1 guide.
From € 27,50 2
1992-2017 Cylinder Head Bolt
New OEM cylinder head bolt for Dodge Viper 8.0L V10.  Choose from  Gen1 1992-1995 RT10 (not for GTS) or Gen2 1996 (GTS) -2002 Gen3 20003-2006 Gen4 2008-2010 Gen5 2013-2017  Engines require 12 bolts per h ... (Read More)
From € 12,50 2
1992-2017 Fender Splash Shield Retainer Clip
New OEM front inner fender splash shield retainer screw for Dodge Viper 1992-2017.
€ 13,00 2
1992-2017 Solid Power Steering Bushings
New solid billet aluminum steering rack mount bushing set for Dodge Viper 1992-2017.  A common problem with the Viper is when the steering rack bushings get worn the car will want to "follow" the road more such as when crossing ... (Read More)
€ 135,00 2
1992-2017 Thermostat
New thermostat with seal.  Available in 160 = 71 Celsius 170 = 77 Celsius 180 = 82 Celsius 190 = 88 Celsius.  This thermostat will fit Dodge Viper 1992-2017. ... (Read More)
From € 50,00 2
1992-2017 Upper Ball Joint Seal
  Mopar Part # 52006405
€ 45,00 2
2003-2010 Fog Light *BRAND NEW*
2003-2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 Fog Light Assembly Includes Mounting Bracket and Bulb   Mopar Part # 05029226AB  Bracket Mopar Part # 5029228AA    No longer available through the dealer and dealer pricing is around ... (Read More)
€ 175,00 2
Timing Chain Camshaft Gear
New cam timing gear for Dodge Viper 1992-2002 8.0L.  Choose from 1992-1995 gear style or 1996-2002.  The 92-95 gear may work on 1996 RT10 as well you will need to compare your original with the picture.  The difference in the two gears is ... (Read More)
From € 125,00 2

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