First round of the Dutch Time Attack

On Sunday the 10th of March we had our first race with the newly build Dodge Viper Street Coupe.


The weather that day was pretty awful with lots of rain and strong wind. Because we are still waiting on an extra set of wheels, we couldn't bring any rain tyres, resulting in driving on 10 year old Kumho Semi slick tyres.  So just imagine how a Viper with 335 width tyres will drive on a track covered with puddles and small rivers.....


Indeed! driving the Snake in those conditions is pretty scary and I was not able to produce good lap-times as the car was sliding all over the place and locking up on the braking points, resulting in a couple of sideway actions.


The car itself held its own and pulls like a freight train, so I think the car will be a front runner in dry conditions!


I was not able to qualify for the finals, so we packed early and went to a nice pancake restaurant with the team and still had a good day of fun.


Till next time!


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