First day out testing for Time Attack

Today we had our first trackday with the new build Viper GTS with Autoform Streetcoupe package.


Car is completely rebuild from the ground up and today was our only day we could test the car before its first Time Attack race on the 10th of March.


We did run into a couple of problems on the first run. Suspension was not dialed in and the right rear tyre scrubbed the body on a high speed corner.  We changed a spacer on that side and we adjusted the suspension.


Those 2 things made a difference in how the car handled, but after a few laps we ran into some problems with the brakes.  Paddle went to the floor, which is not a nice feeling when you are attacking a corner at full speed....


We then bleed all corners and looked for other signs of trouble. The 3th run went a bit better, car is really stable into corners although we experience some understeer when turning in.  We did not had the chance to make some changes on that part as we managed to get a black flag due to the sound of the car.   The brakes on that last lap where also letting us dow again, so we are changing the pads and run some better brake cooling next time.


After the black flag we did one more lap to get a sound measurement from the track, that came out on 97.2Db, where 92Db is allowed. Damn!


Now its time to make our adjustments and hope the car will perform better on raceday!



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